To activate a virtual office, Flexado needs the following documents before the start date:

Extract from the Chamber of Commerce (maximum 3 months old). In the case of a new company, this copy must be submitted within two weeks after establishment.

Copy of your passport/driver license. A verification of identity is also required for a registration address. Read here more about the identification.

Proof of home address (maximum 3 months old). For example:
- Bill of a utility company (gas, water, electricity).
- Bill of a telecom, internet, or television provider.
- Proof of registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database.
- Bill of municipal taxes.
- Letter from the tax authorities.
- Bank statement (all irrelevant data can be made illegible).

It may happen that other documents are required to build up our internal file. This differs per country. In our Privacy Policy you can read how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information.

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